Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Specs are Revealed

samsung galaxy S21 specs

Samsung has not launched Galaxy S21 Ultra yet. But, the specifications of this smartphone has been leaked. With a great camera and display, Samsung Galaxy S21 can be a strong rival to iPhone 12 pro Max.
So, what are Samsung Galaxy S21 Specs? Check out the explanation below.

  • Camera

Samsung is confident to make S21 Ultra to be the most desirable smartphone in the market. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has two telephoto zoom lenses. It supports 108 MP camera.

  • Display

This smartphone has adaptive LTPO display so it features a quad HD display. This display supports refresh rates of 1-120 Hz to switch between the low power condition. However, Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus comes with LTPS display. The uses can get a 120 Hz refresh but it will not be dynamic. Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra will feature quad HD display. But, S21 as well as S21 Plus features full HD+.

  • S Pen.

Surprisingly, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will become the first smartphone from non-note branded which supports S pen. But, it does not mean that this smartphone comes bundled with S pen.

  • Processor.

All version of Samsung Galaxy S21 use Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 chip. Different region may use Samsung Exynos 2100 chip. But, you should not worry since both processors have the same performance.

  • Battery.

Samsung Galaxy S21 has 4000 maH battery. Besides, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus has bigger battery capacity on 4800 maH. Galaxy S21 Ultra has the biggest battery among other series that feature 5000 mAh. The battery capacity is larger compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max which only has 3687 mAH.

  • Design.

The design of this smartphone is not revealed in detail. But, Android Police states that Galaxy S21 Ultra will have camera bump as the part of the frame. The camera and frame will have different colors. This smartphone comes in two variant colors that is Phantom Pink and Phantom Violet.

  • Samsung SmartThings Tags.

This device will come with Samsung SmartThings tags. This new feature is supported by Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21Plus. This feature makes Samsung in one step a head than Apple. These brands have a rumor that will use AirTags on their device. This AirTags offers Tile-like experience to track the missing possessions.

  • Outlook.

The rumor said that Samsung Galaxy S21 series will be released earlier. It may be rolled out in January next year. About the price, Samsung states that the price of these devices will be more competitive since the world is still facing global pandemic.
That’s all some specs of Samsung Galaxy S21, if you want to make your Samsung screen more incredible, you can change Samsung wallpaper.

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