The Best Smartphone When You are On Budget

on budget smartphone

Selecting the best smartphone with great specs is very easy when you have a lot of money. You can purchase high-end smartphone that is automatically have top-end specs. But, what you should do when you are on Budget?
Even you only have the budget under $500, you still be able to get high quality smartphone. Just consider about the specs you are looking for. Do you want to have a smartphone with a big screen, high resolution camera, or great processor?
It is not difficult at all to find inexpensive smartphone since the smartphone companies offers their best products. For instance, you can decide a product from Samsung, Google, or Apple. Here we list down some smartphones that are less than $500.

  • Iphone SE.

If you are searching for a smartphone with the right balance of speed, camera, battery, longevity, and software, you can select Apple iPhone SE 2020. The price of this smartphone is only $399. It offers 4,7 inch screen. The processor used in this device is Apple’s A13 Bionic. The quality of this processor is the same as the chip found in iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Google Pixel 4A.

If you are searching inexpensive smartphone with the best camera, you can choose Google Pixel 4A. even the screen is not large and the processor is not the fastest. This smartphone is worth to buy only by spending $349.

  • OnePlus Nord.

This smartphone can be said as the best android phone outside the United States. This smartphone is not available in the US yet. The price of this device is £379.

  • Samsung Galaxy A51.

With price only $399, Samsung Galaxy A51 becomes the best selling smartphone in this year. For this smartphone, Samsung focuses on camera, battery life, and the big screen.

  • Google Pixel 4A 5G.

If you want to get a smartphone with 5G connectivity, you can select Google Pixel 4G 5G. This smartphone also offers great camera, Google software, and good battery life. You should not underestimate its processors since it uses Qualcomm’s SnapDragon 765G that can make your phone’s performance faster.

  • Moto G Power.

Motorola offers two kinds of smartphones. They are G Power and G Stylus. G Stylus is equipped with a stylus while G Power has large battery capacity. The price of Moto G Power is only $249 but it offers 5000 mAh battery. So, if you want to search for long lasting battery life for your smartphone, you can choose this smartphone.
The cheap smartphone perhaps offer limited features and performance. But, if you want to have the premium smartphone, you can wait for the launching of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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